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Fashion Speaks





AlyssaDanette is a lifestyle brand founded by two sisters: Destanie Reyna Brim and Christian Reyna Savelle.

At AlyssaDanette, we create exclusive fashion pieces that women can wear everyday. We believe that “Fashion Speaks.” Fashion is for everyday, Fashion is for everyone.

 We believe every woman should feel beautiful in what they wear. If one feels good in their clothing then, as a result, their confidence goes to another level. Our pieces spice up any outfit and make an entire look feel put together. That’s why we create pieces that make women fall in love with fashion.

Our brand features our trademark logo of a bumble bee, with a pretty inspiring story of its own. The bumblebee, with its design, weight, and wings being the way that they are, should not be able to fly. But, it flies regardless. Women throughout history have been told they can’t do or accomplish things on their own, but they do so anyways, just like the bumble bee. We want women to know that all things are possible for them. The sky is the limit!


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